Sustainability Summit

Partner Presentations & Afternoon Tea Break

Join our first ever 100% digital Partner presentations and interactive talks during the Afternoon Tea break.


Designing for a Circular Economy
Presented by Woven Image

A short presentation outlining the principles of a circular economy, and the role designers can play in delivering real-world circular outcomes.

Presenters: John Gertsakis, Sustainability & Stewardship Advocator, Cambium Communications
Abigail Eskdale, Woven Image


A Holistic Approach to Sustainability – A Manufacturer’s Journey
Presented by Knauf

We take a look at Knauf Australia’s commitment to sustainability and the steps they have taken to date to reduce their impact on the environment, improve solutions for customers and build on their social responsibility initiatives. Knauf Australia is an industry leader in the manufacturing of plasterboard and light-weight systems.

Presenter: Kathryn Walker, National Work Health & Safety and Sustainability Manager, Knauf


Let’s chat about Carbon
Presented by Interface

Do you have more questions from the Carbon Zero / Carbon Positive Future? Come have a chat with Aidan Mullan and discuss the practical steps that can be taken to reducing whole life carbon. Be it circularity, how to make sense of EPDs to the considerations in material selection, so that you can design with carbon in mind.

Presenter: Aidan Mullan, Sustainability Manager, Interface Australia


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John Gertsakis

Cambium Communications


Aidan Mullan