Sustainability Awards 2024
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sustainability Awards?

The Sustainability Awards is Australia’s longest-running and most prestigious awards program dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating excellence in sustainable design and architecture. 2024 marks the 18th year of the program.

The 2024 Sustainability Awards will announce its winners at the annual gala event in Sydney on November 14th.

Who can enter the Sustainability Awards?

This is an Australia-based competition and is open exclusively to Australia-based architects and designers, with completed projects in the country. All entrants must be Australian residents and have been working in the country for 12 months or over. With the exception of the International Design category.

All Projects / Products must be 100 percent finished works at the time of entry submission and must have been completed between 1 July 2023 and 30 June 2024. Speculative or unfinished projects, display projects, client pitches and/or mock-ups will not be considered valid (Exception to product categories).

How do I enter?

Entries will be opening on 8th May 2024

How much does entry cost?

The first entry costs $190.00 AUD, subsequent entries cost $130.00 AUD.

When do entries close?

10th July 2024

I need help with my entry

Please contact