Sustainability Summit

Water conservation and its relationship to sustainable design

In designing buildings to be as sustainable as possible, the importance of implementing water-saving ideas and technologies is integral to any new building’s designs. So, what are the latest water conservation ideas and technologies that need to be adopted in the built environment on a continent where water scarcity is an ever-present crisis? Where should we start with water conservation in Australia? Are water storage & water recycling and water desalination the answer? What about water efficient fixtures and appliances, rainwater and greywater reuse? What are the ideas that architects and designers could and should implement into their designs to ensure water is being recycled, reused and ultimately conserved?


At the end of this panel, attendees will be able to:

  • Name at least three types of water-saving ideas.
  • List at least 3 ways how water storage influences modern Australian design.
  • Show how water efficient fixtures and appliances, rainwater and greywater reuse can enhance built environment sustainability.
  • What are some designs that can ensure water is being recycled, reused and conserved?


AACA Competency Standards related to this session:
Design: Schematic Design Relates to: 4.2 Evaluation of design options against values of physical, environmental and cultural contexts.


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Please note you are required to attend the full Summit program, and hour of each session to redeem your 5 formal AIA Refuel points.

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Tone Wheeler

Environa Studio



Troy Creighton



Natasha Mulcahy

Sekisui House