Sustainability Summit

The apartment building ‘crisis’ and where to now for our building sector?

From dodgy cladding to excessive cracking, building industry experts have warned that these events are symptomatic of underlying defects in the management and quality control of Australia’s construction system. While state and federal governments have vowed to respond, the industry needs to know where do we go from here and how can architects ensure they are not burdened with the mistakes of others when it comes new tower designs and builds.

At the end of this panel, attendees will be able to:

  • Name 3 legally-responsible bodies that are accountable to the owners of residential properties
  • Name 3 recent examples of quality & safety fails in multi-residential buildings
  • What are some ways the apartment building industry could receive urgent reform?
  • Name 3 recommendations of the 2018 Shergold-Weir report

Competency Standard – Project Delivery: Construction Stage
Relates to: 8.8 Ensure that warranties, schedules, as built documentation, certificates, approvals and other project information are completed and handed to the client and relevant authorities as required under the contract.

On Demand

Sustainability Digital Summit is now available to watch on demand until December 1, 2021.



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