Sustainability Summit

Product Panel: Innovation and the latest in sustainable building solutions

Sustainable design is the essence of architectural design. The mission is to improve health, welfare, and safety in any way possible. The goal of designers should be to find ways to save energy and improve the life cycle. As a part of this plan, one aims to reduce the overall life cycle costs of buildings and structures.

Using sustainable building materials aims towards cost reduction, better use of materials, and waste minimization, with enhanced quality of life ensuring a productive working environment. As one enters one of the most significant talent crises the world has seen, it is also necessary to look at sustainable practices as a differentiator. Looking beyond access to daylight and green materials, one should also look into exciting and intensely green trends embedded into the design and culture.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this presentation, you should be able to:

  • Outline the scale of the construction sector’s contribution to environmental degradation, and more specifically to resource depletion, waste and carbon emissions.
  • Explain the role that architects and designers can play in minimising these effects and helping to make the construction sector more sustainable.
  • Define the term ‘sustainable design’ and explain the variables involved in achieving it.
  • Explain the best ways for architects and designers to identify products and systems that are environmentally sustainable.

(Competency Codes: Design: PC 10, PC 12, PC 28, PC 31)

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