How To Design And Establish Social And Sustainable Affordable Housing for Communities

  •   12 October 2023

Build-to-rent housing models are fast becoming a solution to Australia’s housing woes, with the model and concept of a certain property developer to be deeply explored at the upcoming Sustainability Summit, within the session How to Design and Establish Social and Sustainable Affordable Housing for Communities.

The panel delves into innovative models such as the Nightingale Housing model and the AssembleFutures concept, exploring their social and environmental responsiveness in the context of affordable housing.

2022 Sustainability Summit

The Nightingale Housing model, a not-for-profit initiative, embodies the philosophy that homes should be built for people, not profit. At its core lie principles fostering social connection, housing equity, and environmental sustainability.

Sustainability is not an afterthought; it is a fundamental approach. The Nightingale team diligently incorporates passive design principles and material reductionism to holistically address sustainability. The commitment to reducing energy consumption, carbon emissions, and waste begins from the demolition phase, extending to the selection of eco-friendly materials and all-electric, fossil fuel-free home designs.

The reductionism principle emphasises living simply, prioritising what’s essential while eliminating excesses like second bathrooms or individual car parking. This approach minimises construction and maintenance costs while focusing on creating healthy, comfortable living spaces. Energy efficiency and year-round comfort are paramount, achieved through high thermal insulation, passive ventilation, and solar shading, resulting in apartments that surpass regulatory energy efficiency standards.

On the other hand, the AssembleFutures concept bridges the gap between renting and owning a home, providing a pathway to home ownership in Australian cities. It allows individuals to rent their homes for a fixed period, treating the space as their own and saving towards eventual ownership.

In this enlightening session, the panel of experts includes Aidan Mullan from Interface, Nemesia Kennett from Nightingale Housing, Nick Bourns from NH Architecture and Robert Mosca from Hayball. They bring profound insights into these models, highlighting the importance of socially and environmentally conscious housing solutions in today’s landscape.

Aidan Mullan

Nemesia Kennett

Nick Bourns

Robert Mosca

The session also explores the rising demand for such housing types and the incentives encouraging developers to integrate social infrastructure into their portfolios, illuminating a path towards sustainable, equitable, and affordable housing for communities.

The 17th annual Sustainability Summit will be held on Thursday November 9 as a hybrid event. Join in person at Allianz Stadium, Sydney, or online wherever you have an internet connection. Get your ticket now and be in with the chance of winning from our sustainable prize pool on the day.

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