Tatiana Schonhobel

Integral Group

Tatiana is a creative designer with a vision to transform cities. She is deeply inspired by the opportunity to rethink our urban habitat and to rebalance the built and natural systems in cities.

Tatiana has experience in the implementation of sustainability strategies for the built environment: delivering advisory, analytics and certification services globally. Highlights in her current role as a Sustainability Consultant at Integral Group are the delivery of design analytics for urban renewal with one of the largest tech companies in the US, and her involvement in the sustainability strategy for major precincts in Sydney. Tatiana is also supporting a global collaborative project for portfolio resilience across Canadian government property assets.

Her vision and practice build upon previous roles in façade engineering, social housing (U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon® Latam), and emerging markets experience as operations manager of a premium boutique building in her hometown in Colombia.

Tatiana believes that humanity is facing its biggest challenge yet and that now is time to raise ambition, “I believe our answers to the big systemic challenges lie in the integration of new technology with the deep patterns of sustainable systems. I’m excited to see the shift toward a circular economy and how concepts such as donut economics and planetary boundaries are integrated into our thinking moving forward.”

Photography courtesy of Tatiana Schonhobel (Integral Group).