Bonnie Herring


Bonnie Herring is Director of Architecture at Breathe and with her enthusiastic pursuit of efficiency, performance and quality, is also Director of Sustainability. During her career at Breathe, Bonnie has been involved in various project types across a broad range of budgets, and, at an increasing scale – from small hospitality fit-outs and single dwellings, to multi-residential mixed-use buildings, a boutique hotel and a commercial public project. The nature of this work demands a fastidious and collaborative approach to coordination and project management, which has become key to the success and profile of some of her benchmark projects such as The Commons, QV8 and Paramount House Hotel.⁠

As Director, Bonnie is involved in strategic practice management and operation, while overseeing and managing project work. Thoroughly aligned with the practice mission, Bonnie is passionate about creating novel, socially engaging and sustainable architectural solutions.

Photography by Kate Longley