Belinda Allwood & Dr Shaneen Fantin

POD (People Oriented Design)

Belinda and Shaneen are extraordinary women architects and scholars who are committed to raising and promoting sustainability issues and outcomes in every project they undertake. It is embedded in the values of the business, People Oriented Design (created in 2014) and in their processes and systems. They champion sustainability from a holistic perspective which includes social, cultural, environmental and economic pillars. Their unique lens is informed by decades of work with First Nations people, growing up in farming families, and a deep respect for people, Country and Australian landscape.

Since 2014, Shaneen and Belinda have delivered more than 25 seminars and workshops, and published six articles and book chapters relating to sustainable design, intercultural design and design for resilience. POD also undertakes two projects each year on a pro-bono basis for community, environmental and First Nations organisations. This currently includes an open-source kit design for remote bush toilets and showers collaborating with the Centre for Appropriate Technology and Engineers Without Boarders, and disability and PWD upgrades to Tully Support Centre.

Belinda is a member of the Qld State Chapter Council and the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee for the Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA). She was a Greenstar accredited professional from 2009-2019 and is an Adjunct Research Fellow at Griffith University. Shaneen is a member of the Qld Urban Design and Places Panel, a Peer Review Energy Assessor for the Qld Government, an Adjunct Associate Professor at University of Qld and James Cook University, and a member of the First Nations Advisory Working Group for the RAIA. In these roles they advocate for changes in social and environmental policy and provide leadership and education in sustainability and design.

Photography by Blueclick Photography (1), Scott Burrows (2, 3), Michael Marzik (4), Nic Granleese (5), Belinda Allwood (6).