70 George Street – COX Sydney Studio

COX Architecture

COX, a certified carbon-neutral business under Climate Active, embarked on a sustainable journey with its Sydney studio. Fully powered by renewable energy, this project focused on reducing both embodied and operational carbon footprints. It meticulously chose reclaimed, renewable, and durable materials to minimise the embodied carbon. Natural light, ventilation, and an efficient building management system further reduced operational energy demand.

A circular economy approach ensured the design’s disassembly and reuse, minimising waste sent to landfills. Healthy materials with low toxicity, such as PET joinery and VOC-free paint, were utilised, promoting indoor air quality. The design also embraced mixed-mode ventilation, intelligent window control, and energy-efficient appliances, significantly reducing energy consumption.

COX’s commitment to sustainability extends to behaviour change, such as switching from flights to Zoom calls. Their environmentally conscious choices, like retaining workstation frames and sourcing vintage furniture, showcased the ethos of “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” This project exemplifies COX’s dedication to sustainability and resilience.

COX pursued a sustainable approach that integrated circular economy principles, ethical sourcing, and minimal waste. Their meticulous selection of materials and a mixed-mode ventilation strategy substantially reduced carbon emissions, aligning with their goal of creating environmentally conscious workplaces.

Photography by Nicole England