South Parklands Wetlands


The South Parklands Wetlands, a collaboration between TCL, Design Flow, and Tonkin, is a pivotal part of the Brown Hill and Keswick Creek Stormwater Project in Adelaide.

Located in Victoria Park/Pakapakanthi, it serves flood mitigation across several council areas. Beyond flood control, it enhances water quality, ecological value, and recreation in the Adelaide Park Lands, spanning 3.4 hectares.

This sustainable project features a butterfly garden, trails, an amphitheatre, lawns, viewing decks, and Traditional Owner art. Extensive stakeholder engagement ensures community needs and cultural heritage are met. Sustainability encompasses social, environmental, and economic dimensions.

It offers recreation, education, and community-building. Sustainable materials, local resources, and low-impact construction minimise environmental impact. Water-Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), endemic revegetation, and a two-year establishment period underscore its ecological sustainability.

The project manages flood risk, boosts tourism, and employs innovative design solutions. Though it lacks specific green ratings, it illustrates green infrastructure’s ability to tackle urban challenges and create vibrant, sustainable landscapes through collaboration, community engagement, and smart design.

Photographgy by Jackie Gu, TCL