Bin Bypass

Bin Bypass with Evolve Group

Bin Bypass is a pioneering solution to enhance the sustainability of public spaces by retrofitting existing bins. It facilitates the temporary storage, exchange, and return of recyclable beverage containers eligible for a 10-cent refund through state container deposit schemes. This innovative product diverts these containers away from landfills and litter, contributing to a cleaner environment.

Made entirely of recycled plastic, Bin Bypass units can be easily attached to existing public infrastructure, such as poles, bins, fences, or walls. They enable community members to collect these containers for financial rewards in a safe, efficient, and dignified manner. This initiative offers an affordable, scalable, and sustainable way for councils to address the lack of container recycling infrastructure in public spaces.

The design of Bin Bypass promotes responsible recycling practices by encouraging passers-by to deposit empty drink containers into the circular openings, which are universally recognisable. The product’s innovative features are designed to streamline the collection and exchange process while making it environmentally friendly.

Bin Bypass aligns with several UN Sustainable Development Goals, including Decent Work and Economic Growth, Sustainable Cities and Communities, and Responsible Consumption and Production. This project addresses the pressing issue of beverage container waste, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

By making use of locally sourced recycled materials and creating a versatile design, Bin Bypass exemplifies the potential of recycling and sustainable product development. It also offers valuable lessons in designing with recycled plastics, stacking efficiency, and enhancing access for installation. Ultimately, Bin Bypass is a step towards a more sustainable and responsible approach to public space recycling.

Photography by Bin Bypass