Thermal Haven Nest Boxes

Bird Habitats

Thermal Haven Nest Boxes, crafted by Bird Habitats are a tangible tribute to Rose McMahon’s love for animals. Land clearing has resulted in a quasi- housing crisis for hollow-dwelling wildlife.

To address these issues, Thermal Haven Nest Boxes were created. These boxes are designed to last and can be infinitely repaired. They use sustainable materials and waste products whenever possible and are manufactured using solar power.

Extensive testing and data collection have resulted in boxes with thermal profiles comparable to natural tree hollows, making them suitable for various species. The project has gained GreenTag Platinum certification and aims to be NaturePositive+ certified.

The first client trial with Friends of Drouin’s Trees showed an impressive 100 percent habitat usage rate, benefiting creatures like krefft’s gliders and possums. The project faced challenges in finding transparent suppliers, sourcing sustainable materials, and promoting renewable energy use among fabricators. Despite these hurdles, Thermal Haven Nest Boxes exemplify a commitment to genuine sustainability in the fight to provide safe habitats for wildlife.

Photography by Chris Mcmahon