Volt Solar Tiles


Volt Solar Tiles brilliantly combine traditional roof tiles with solar panel functionality, offering a visually appealing and efficient solution for residential energy generation. ‘

With the Planum range delivering a 115W max power output and 18.8 percent efficiency, and the Lodge range boasting an impressive 19.5 percent efficiency, Volt matches traditional solar panels in energy generation. Its unique design integrates seamlessly into your roof, preserving your home’s visual appeal.

Volt simplifies installation with an interlocking system and features efficient heat management and drainage systems. Advanced MWT-PERC technology maximises energy capture, while recyclable materials ensure durability and sustainability.

Affordable pricing, ranging from $12,000 to $16,000 for a 6kW system, breaks down cost barriers for clean energy adoption. By making renewable energy accessible, Volt reduces carbon emissions and combats climate change.

Volt Solar Tiles enhance energy efficiency without specific green ratings, offering an eco-conscious, sustainable alternative to conventional roofing.

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