Meringo SeaView Pavilion

Ecoshelta with TasTec

SSarch Ecoshelta’s addition to a historic NSW farmhouse, Meringo Seaview Pavilion sees the transformation of the farmhouse to becoming a family home complete. Perched on the stunning south coast, this detached pavilion offers serene ocean views.

Designed for minimal environmental impact, the pavilion features a compact kitchen, a comfortable living area, a spacious bedroom, and a well-appointed ensuite. An elevated bridge walkway links it to the main house, enhancing the connection between structures.

Constructed using the innovative Ecoshelta prefabricated alloy frame system, the pavilion epitomises sustainable architecture. Recycled materials enrich its interior. Notably, a core thermal mass rammed earth wall, sourced from local ocre soils, contributes to sustainability.

The environmentally conscious clients are active in ethical sustainable investments and local ecological initiatives. They’ve devoted a significant portion of their property to ecological recovery, reflecting their profound commitment to sustainability.

The pavilion embraces a myriad of sustainable features, from a solar PV system and Tesla Powerwall battery to rainwater tanks and recycled materials. Each aspect is thoughtfully chosen to minimise environmental impact.

The design prioritises natural ventilation, shading, and energy efficiency, ensuring minimal operational impact and long-term sustainability. Wildlife covenants, native revegetation, wetlands landscaping, and minimal vehicle access underscore the commitment to preserving the natural environment.

Photography by Gillian Tedder Photography, Stephen Sainsbury

Furniture: Custom Made Recycled Timber Lighting: All LED – various brands Finishes: Marine Aluminium Alloy Capral, Corro Zincalume BHP, Oiled EcoPly CHH; Recycled timber Thors Hammer Sikkens oils ; Rammed earth – local, Plantation VJ pine ceilings; Recycled cloth and glass tiles – UNSW SmArtCentre Fittings & Fixtures: BigAss Fans; ZEN Elegante Suspended Woodheater ; AutoWC; Tesla Powerwall Battery