Sydney, NSW

SAHA is a Sydney-based architecture studio dedicated to crafting sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, and functional buildings. With a commitment to creating designs tailored to everyday life, they strive to make their work environmentally sensitive, visually refined, and cost-effective.

Their diverse portfolio encompasses projects for not-for-profit organisations, commercial clients, and private homeowners, with a particular focus on sustainable design and remote and regional work throughout Australia.

At SAHA, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a core principle deeply integrated into their business activities. They are signatories to Architects Declare and have a sustainable action plan in place. The office is powered by 100 percent renewable energy, and work-related travel is undertaken using electric cars. SAHA’s approach to sustainability in their projects includes embracing passive design as a key technological approach and adopting principles like “Alterations and Subtractions,” emphasising building small and using what’s already available.

As part of their commitment to staff wellbeing and sustainable practices, SAHA has implemented a four-day working week. Their dedication to sustainability is reflected in their award-winning projects, such as the Lane Cove House, which received the Milo Dunphy Award for Sustainable Architecture at the NSW Institute of Architects Awards. This accolade recognizes their excellence in sustainable design across various building types.

Looking ahead, SAHA envisions staying small by design while expanding into medium-density housing, social housing, and public projects to have a more significant impact on the architectural landscape. Their projects, like the Lane Cove House and Coogee Courtyard, demonstrate their unwavering commitment to sustainable, thoughtful, and community-oriented design.

Photography by Saskia Wilson