Zen Architects

Melbourne, VIC

Zen Architects, a Melbourne-based practice with over 30 years of experience, has consistently delivered award-winning environmentally, socially, and financially sustainable buildings. Their approach is rooted in respect, knowledge, and a profound consideration for people and the natural environment, both guiding their work and design philosophy.

Their commitment to sustainability goes beyond rhetoric; it’s deeply embedded in their business activities and outcomes. Balancing client vision with site potential, Zen’s portfolio outlines its expertise in contemporary culture and construction technology.

Based in Melbourne and the Victorian Surf Coast, Zen Architects’ portfolio spans Australia, with a primary focus on inner and middle-ring suburbs of Melbourne, the Surf Coast, and North Eastern rural regions of Victoria. From inception to completion, their process exemplifies a high level of ecologically sustainable design, resulting in buildings that stand as beacons of sustainability and design excellence.

As part of their ambition to positively impact the wider community, Zen Architects is committed to supporting local design and manufacturing while making sustainable architecture affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. Their work, including projects like The Nest, Brunswick West, Zen House Jan Juc, and Eco House, showcases their unwavering commitment to sustainability, architecture, and design.

Photography by Emma Cross