Nimbus Architecture and Heritage

Sydney, NSW

Nimbus Architecture and Heritage, a small but dynamic architectural practice, exemplifies the blending of heritage and contemporary design principles. Founded in 2015 and based in Parramatta, NSW, Nimbus has nine dedicated members of staff who bring a wealth of experience from larger firms into their boutique operation.

Co-Directors Jesse Mowbray and Christopher Roehrig have set their sights on combining the best aspects of both large and small practices. Their approach is founded on creative collaboration with clients, stakeholders, and sub-consultants, ensuring that projects respond to their unique surroundings and design briefs.

Nimbus’ work spans diverse sectors, including commercial, community, education, ecclesiastical, and residential, with a particular emphasis on their foundation state NSW. Their projects reflect a commitment to sustainability and a keen understanding of heritage preservation.

The remainder of Nimbus’ name, “Architecture and Heritage,” aptly encapsulates their approach, where elements of both disciplines often converge. They champion a balance between youthful energy and experience, providing an environment where graduates can thrive and contribute meaningfully.

Nimbus Architecture and Heritage’s notable project at St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Ballarat, drawing inspiration from a Baroque painting by Zurbarán, showcases their innovative use of light and heritage elements in architectural design.

Currently working on the Boronia Park project in Epping, where light plays a central role, Nimbus Architecture and Heritage stands as a promising example of a small studio with big ideas and a bright future in the architectural landscape.

Photography by Andrew Merry, Samantha Sun