Maxa Design

Melbourne, VIC

Established in 2004, Maxa Design has wasted little time becoming a leader in sustainable and energy-efficient home design in its 19 years of operation. Earning accolades for eco-friendly architecture, Maxa’s commitment to sustainability is seamlessly woven into every aspect of their operation.

Maxa Design champions Passivhaus design, setting new benchmarks for energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality. Their projects emphasise resource efficiency, sustainably-sourced materials, and low toxicity finishes for indoor air quality.

They actively engage with the community, sharing insights on sustainable design principles and practices. Their team embodies an eco-conscious culture, ensuring a collective effort towards environmental responsibility.

Maxa Design partners with Carbon Positive Australia, supporting tree planting initiatives and reforestation projects to mitigate carbon emissions. Their ambitions include leading the industry in sustainable design, inspiring others to embrace eco-conscious practices, and contributing to positive social change.

Their portfolio showcases their dedication to sustainability, with Passivhaus projects, 10-star-rated homes, and innovative designs that reduce carbon footprints. Maxa Design is not only an architectural practice but a catalyst for sustainable change.

Photography by Marnie Hawson