Sustainability Summit

Designing the Perfectly Sustainable Building

This panel will look at how to develop the most concise sustainable building designs for our urban environment. It will discuss architectural and structural design tools to facilitate the inclusion of ecological costing throughout the design phase of buildings (e.g. water, embodied energy, carbon). How to improve the uptake of environmentally-sustainable technologies will also be discussed while control systems, sensor technology, and other tools for improving building performance and sustainability will be investigated.


At the end of this panel, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the diverse factors that influence the design of housing with sustainability initiatives
  • Compare housing design outcomes between states and discuss the impact of sustainable ideas through specific projects
  • Consider designs that include environmentally sustainable technologies
  • Discuss architectural and structural design tools used to facilitate ecological costing throughout the design phase of buildings.


AACA Competency Standards related to this session:

Design: Conceptual Design
3.1 Design responding to the integration of the objectives of brief, user intent and built purpose
3.3 Design response incorporates assessment of the physical location and relevant wider regional, contextual and environmental issues


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Session Information

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Tone Wheeler

environa studio


Itay Shimony

Cosentino Oceania


Kate Nason

Frasers Property Australia


Luke Thornton



Peter Hogg

Melbourne Polytechnic


Rebecca Steffanoni

Big Ass Fans


Tony Zlatar

ASP Floors