Sustainability Summit

Everything architects need to know when designing with timber

Architectural design with timber is too often an underappreciated craft and many architects have little experience when designing with wood and wood products. While client pressure on an architect to use certain materials for their project is understandable, it is also the role of an architect to inform their client about not only their material options, but also the reasoning behind each design decision. Ultimately the look of a building is paramount to its success, so there is an incredible level of consideration that needs to be put in place when designing with timber due to its natural characteristics and the affect these can have on the overall aesthetics and surrounding area.


At the end of this panel, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify how particular types of timber are used in architecture
  • Understand how timber affects overall aesthetics, engineering and building sustainability
  • Understand why some designs need timber and why others can not apply it
  • Discuss how standards in buildings may help or hinder the use of timber in design


AACA Competency Standards related to this session:

Design: Conceptual Design
3.2 Application of creative imagination, aesthetic judgement and critical evaluation in formulating design options
3.6 Assessment of the economic impact on the project of strategies and options


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