Sustainability Summit – Session Two

  •   22 October 2021

The 2021 digital Sustainability Summit is coming soon and with a jam-packed program discussing all matters sustainability, the 11th November is certain to be a red-letter day on everyone’s calendar.

The Sustainability Awards is now in its 15th year and, alongside the gala event, the all-day Sustainability Summit will feature five sessions that will explore and analyse the many different aspects of sustainability.

Session Two entitled, Designing the Perfectly Sustainable Building will discuss how to develop the most concise sustainable building designs for our urban environment. With a panel of experts bringing their diverse perspectives to the table the session will be moderated by Tone Wheeler (Environa Studio) and is set to be a lively affair.

Wheeler commented on what might be discussed in the session saying, “I think this session will explore a change, another orientation, from being about the metrics of energy and water to the measurement of human wellbeing and happiness.”

“The reason why you build and occupy buildings is sometimes forgotten. Making a perfectly performing building is only good if it addresses people enjoying, using and participating in the building.”

The panel for this session comprises,

Peter Hogg (Melbourne Polytechnic)
Kate Nason (Atelier Ten)
Rebecca Steffanoni (Big Ass Fans)
Tony Zlatar (ASP Floors)
Itay Shimony (Cosentino Oceania)
Luke Thornton (BEULAH)
Together these experts will explore architectural and structural design tools to facilitate the inclusion of ecological costing throughout the design phase of buildings (e.g. water, embodied energy, carbon). As well, there will be a deep-dive into how to improve the uptake of environmentally-sustainable technologies and discuss such applications as control systems, sensor technology, and other tools for improving building performance and sustainability.

Peter Hogg elaborated on what the audience might be expected to take from the session, “An understanding that sustainability is a wide-ranging topic, and not just about energy ratings. Also, to have the discussion in the forest place, to widen the discussion and to plant some seeds for change…”

“There is a need to consider many aspects: energy consumption, embodied energy, whole of life cycle for the building, on-site energy generation, durability: will the building last 10 years or for 500 years? Finally, a restorative approach to landscape; can we help repair the natural environment?”

Looking to explore the topic Wheeler also added, “There are environmental issues which have been widely discussed but there are also social issues and financial issues I would want in the Sustainable Building session. What is a building? How is it used? Not only should it be a good building for energy and water it needs to be cost-effective and socially progressive.”

Yes, there is certainly a lot to talk about and much to discover about Designing the Perfectly Sustainable Building, so make sure that you register to be a part of the broader discussion and also extend your own viewpoint.

Other sessions at the Sustainability Summit include,

Everything Architects Need to Know When designing With Timber
Water-Sensitive Design – 2021 & Beyond
Women in Built Environment Sustainability Leadership
Circular Economy Ideas for Adaptive Reuse of Buildings
And there is the opportunity to not only update your knowledge but also to gain five formal CPD Points, endorsed by the AIA.

Register your interest here and see you at the 2021 digital Sustainability Summit.