Sustainability Summit – Session Three

  •   22 October 2021

As the 2021 digital Sustainability Summit draws closer on 11th November, we explore the sessions that together make up this exciting and informative event.

Now in its 15th year, and alongside the 2021 Sustainability Awards, the Summit is the place to explore and discover the latest information, techniques, products and practice that have sustainability at heart.

The Sustainability Summit is not only a power-packed knowledge journey but also a celebration of sustainable design that is now a dynamic and integral part of every architect and designer’s world.

Nadine Samaha, says regarding the Summit, “It’s wonderful to have a celebration of sustainable actions and, through the Summit, to share knowledge among us. It’s positive and what’s really good is that it’s online and that means that everyone can reach out to it and everyone can attend.”

The third session entitled, Everything Architects Need to Know When Designing with Timber delves deep into the practical requirements of how to plan, create and work with timber. Moderated by Nadine Samaha, the expert panel includes,

Alexander Symes (Alexander Symes Architects)
Brent Calow, (Havwoods)
Meron Tierney (John Wardle Architects)
James Fitzpatrick (Fitzpatrick+partners)
The session will explore how architectural design with timber is too often an underappreciated craft with many architects having little experience when designing with wood and wood products.

While there is no doubt that client pressure on an architect to use certain materials for their project is understandable, this discussion will explore the role of an architect to inform their client about, not only about their material options, but also the reasoning behind each design decision.

With health and wellbeing a central focus these days, timber as a sustainable resource is a fine material choice, and the reasons why, will be discovered to help equip an architect to make these decisions.

While ultimately the look of a building is paramount to its success, so there is an incredible level of consideration that needs to be put in place when designing with timber, due to its natural characteristics and the affect these can have on the overall aesthetics and surrounding area.

Panel member, Alexander Symes (Alexander Symes Architects) comments on the topic, “Designing in timber is an easy win for creating lower environmental impact buildings. It’s a carbon sequester, it’s renewable, it can add to the health and comfort of the home and provide a calming environment. I believe in the phrase “wood is good”. However, the question is – how do we globally and locally manage this resource and its biodiversity and facilitate its heathy incorporation into our buildings and also facilitate its re-use, because if we don’t do this right then maybe “wood is not good”. I am by no means an expert in the area, all I will bring is a checklist of how I try to harness the benefits of timber and reduce its potential impacts.”

The five sessions at the 2021 digital Sustainability Summit are,

As well as this session, there will be four others at the Sustainability Summit including,

Circular economy Ideas For Adaptive Reuse of Buildings
Designing The Perfectly Sustainable Building
Water-Sensitive Design – 2021 & Beyond
Women In Built Environment Sustainability Leadership
There has never been a better time to hone your skills and expand your knowledge and the Sustainability Summit will provide the vehicle to learn and grow.

We look forward to seeing you on the 11th November. For more information and to purchase your ticket please click here.