The high-rise developments giving the environment a helping hand

  •   19 August 2021

The only way is up. In our metropolitan areas, we are beginning to see more apartment complexes, duplexes and townhouses, in an effort to make the most of the limited space on offer within these areas. With many of Australia’s cities exposed to a body of water, everybody wants a room with a view, and multi-residential buildings certainly provide this opportunity.

As we continue to masterplan communities and developments within cities and future urban areas, sustainability must always be front of mind. The built environment industry accounts for approximately a third of the world’s emissions, and in order for us to continue to live in our cities without potential hazards, builders must look towards solutions and alternatives that reduce these emissions.

The Sustainability Awards’ Multiple-Residential Dwelling category seeks to award those who design a townhouse, duplex or residential complex that is thoughtfully created with the environment in mind. Looking to house multiple groups as opposed to families, couples or singles, multiple-residential buildings have to take many variables into account, such as urban footprint, occupant experience and shared spaces.

Electrolux are the proud sponsors of the Multiple-Residential Dwelling category. The home appliance company’s Brand Manager, Jess Baird, says the category matches up beautifully with Electrolux’s core values.

“This is the category that lets us showcase our portfolio of products best,” she says.

“We have a premium offering in terms of AEG for the more high-end properties, and the mass premium Electrolux which lends itself to a broad variety of urban living spaces, alongside other brands, of course. And so from a multi-residential perspective, there could be different levels of apartments within one block which really speaks to the diversity of our product range and reflects our broad offering.

“The Sustainability Awards provide us with the ability to demonstrate our credentials as a sustainable enterprise, as well as our long term goals and aspirations for our operations here in Australia, while being able to connect with the wider community that is intent on delivering sustainable projects, much like us here at Electrolux.”

The winner of the Multi-Residential category at the 2021 Sustainability Awards will be revealed in Sydney later this year. To stay posted for the latest updates regarding the awards, head to


This article is brought to you by Electrolux, Proud Sponsors of the Multiple-Residential category at the 2021 Sustainability Awards.