2020 Emerging Sustainable Architect / Designer Winner Talina Edwards

Coming to the fore early in the piece

  •   9 August 2021

As far as differing architectural periods are concerned, the one we currently find ourselves in, is one of excitement and intrigue. Why, you may ask? It’s simple. In order for our world to remain in optimal condition, we, as a building environment collective, need to ensure our practices are not harmful to our environment. There’s never been a better time to be a sustainable architect, so why not reward those embracing sustainability early in their careers?

An architect designing with innovation is a given, however an architects’ job description has changed slightly in this modern era. While an architect has always been tasked with creating places and spaces that are thoughtfully connected and answer to a directive in the shape of a brief, today’s practitioners must also be aware of the environmental impact a place may have in its landscape. To be a part of these new practices is an unheralded experience, and one that will shape the future, in a better and more environmentally sensitive way and there’s never been a better time to be a sustainable architect.

Inevitably, in every industry, there are those who make a splash in the industry and invoke change. While it may well happen unexpectedly or by design, there is always a person who is able to make a significant impact in a short space of time.

In the 2021 Sustainability Awards, the Emerging Sustainable Architect / Designer award is a category that recognises an architect that, in their first five years in practice, has been able to lead the way in the world of sustainability, bringing positive environmental change in a time when many are only just completing their training.

There are those that are a flash in the pan and create something incredible within their first few months of practice, however there are some architects that perform at a consistent level for half a decade and should be rightly awarded for their work. Some practitioners join committees and groups, affect change across the industry, subscribe to new views quicker than others, or are quite simply, incredibly adept at their craft.

Cosentino is the proud sponsor of the Emerging Sustainable Architect / Designer category. As a supplier of premium stone surfaces to a multitude of projects, the company has always ensured that it brings a positive impact to the world through sustainable initiatives. Cosentino’s practices, innovative in all facets of production, are conducted with sustainable practice in mind, ensuring that the company’s environmental footprint is as minimal as possible – drawing a parallel between those who take out the Emerging Sustainable Architect / Designer category.

The Emerging Sustainable Architect / Designer category at the Sustainability Awards champions the people behind the projects, who in spite of their inexperience, are proving that they are leaders within their field. The award winner will be announced in November, at a ceremony in Sydney. For more information, head to sustainablebuildingawards.com.au to register.


This article is brought to you by Cosentino, Proud Sponsor of the Emerging Sustainable Architect / Designer category at the 2021 Sustainability Awards.