The Footprint Calculator

Footprint Company

The Footprint Calculator is the most sophisticated property specific LCA modelling software available, for use by design professionals who care about delivering low carbon design excellence.

The Footprint Calculator has been designed to help architects take control of the sustainability agenda of their early phase design and set the performance brief quickly and simply. It addresses a critical market gap and supports the LCA at the earliest sketch concept stage, at a speed not possible by other software or current project methodology.

The Footprint Calculator is cloud-based and recognised by its peers as being best-in-class and the only platform available which can deal with city scale to interiors, fully-integrated. The software has been designed to enable architects and planners to set the sustainability agenda, with easy to understand graphics and reference case models generating results in a matter of hours.

Scenario modelling is fast and features the ability to analyse discrete relationships at the earliest stage, such as façade / structure / massing and how they impact the whole of life carbon footprint. These features empower designers to confidently move forward with their concepts – without the need to wait for expensive and time consuming engineering analysis via third party software.

The Footprint Calculator enables cradle to grave analysis of all development scales and life stages for carbon, water, materials, transport and ecological impact. The presentation of results in carbon and Planet equivalent (e.g. akin to your own personal Planet footprint) is a powerful and engaging communication medium, which architects and the community see as a meaningful sustainability indicator.

The Footprint Calculator is quality assured and consistent with International Standards, drawing from the highest quality international data sources and inventories. The user interface is aligned to Australian Measurement standards and aligns to architectural workflow norms for speed and ease of use.