99 percent of all of your office furniture goes straight to landfill.

Enormous effort goes into the selection of new, “green” office furniture, and getting a Greenstar Certification for the office. But the fact that every bit of the old furniture goes straight to the tip makes an absolute farce of this whole process. Every bit of this huge effort is negated.

Winya has changed all of this, creating the most important new building product in Australia: e-Board is 92 percent recycled melamine.

e-Board now makes beautiful office furniture genuinely sustainable.

The Patented process recycles melamine board to produce new board to make new furniture, which stops tens of thousands of tonnes of office furniture going to landfill. Old desks are transformed into new desks. And we’ll do it again and again for 100 years. We keep on recycling the same melamine over and over for “generations” saving millions of tonnes of furniture going to landfill.

But the innovation continues into the completely closed loop supply model that supports the product now and way into the future:

  • Accredited office relocation and strip-out companies now, instead of dumping product, deliver the melamine to the recycling facilities in Western Sydney providing the raw material stock for e-Board
  • This waste recovery is recorded with reporting supplied to the original desk owner to support their environmental reporting; giving now genuine substance to all that work in selecting the new green furniture.
  • e-Board’s life and chain of custody is recorded and mapped. The new desks become part of the next generation. The furniture data and barcoding system record the product life and keep mapping this each time these desks are returned and the melamine is made into new desks allowing users to log on and see where their desk started its journey 30 years ago;
  • The manufacturing process assists this, with the new melamine surface being impregnated with mirco-barcode/QR characters providing its year of manufacture. These are invisible to the eye but a key part of the chain of custody and lifecycle process;
  • And finally, e-Board manufacture is part of Winya’s Indigenous employment program, employing Indigenous trainees and staff in the e-Board factory and the factories making new desks.
    Never again should your office furniture go to landfill!