Smart Home

Green Sheep Collective

The Smart Home, like every Green Sheep Collective project, is dedicated to integrating high-level environmentally sustainable design and products to minimise the project’s lifecycle impact. Before construction begins, our documentation specifies a requirement for the builder to minimise waste on site, recycle demolished materials, and ensure appropriate sorting of demolished materials for ease of on-sale or recycling.

When specifying materials we look at end-of-life disposal, product re-use, off-gassing and social justice issues as well as low environmental impact and high thermally efficient materials. Where possible we preference certification schemes – Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) and Global GreenTag – and use tools like to assess each material on an individual level.

Materials in the Smart Home have been selected to create a home that minimises negative impacts on non-renewable resources, the natural environment and human health, and that create an energy and water efficient and comfortable home.