The GreenBook

Footprint Company

The GreenBook (TGB) is Australia’s most comprehensive cloud-based embodied carbon information resource for construction materials and assemblies. It is for designers who care about delivering low carbon design excellence. The easiest way to think of TGB is like a “Cordell’s” price book but with carbon as the “rate”.

The GreenBook is a fully-searchable information resource, which is available to users by subscription via the internet.

It is specifically designed to enable designers to make a difference by presenting information in a visual manner which is easily interpreted and actioned. TGB also includes whole building and elemental level carbon benchmarks to inform and guide overall decision making.

It is quality assured and consistent with International Standards, drawing from the highest quality international data sources and inventories. Data is presented cradle to gate (A1-A5) with virgin and recycled permutations and includes many “EPD” products in one place. There are over 1,200 rates in the current edition and to keep current it is updated twice a year.

By presenting both “labelled” and unlabelled materials and assemblies side by side it enables designers to understand which material is the lowest carbon solution irrespective of its “labelled” status.