Autex Acoustics

Lanes by Autex Acoustics is a revolutionary acoustic treatment system, fusing aesthetics with functionality. Inspired by Melbourne’s iconic laneways, Lanes caters to adaptive reuse projects’ intricate designs and acoustic needs.

Acoustic treatments are vital for comfortable interior environments that enhance occupants’ physical and cognitive wellbeing. Lanes addresses these needs, especially in repurposed warehouses, factories, and heritage sites unsuited for gatherings. This modular, lightweight, adhesive-free system accommodates retrofits and new builds alike.

Made from Autex Acoustics Cube, Lanes offers durability and customizability. It incorporates a 3D interior facade design with an air gap for superior low-frequency sound absorption, blocking up to 85 percent of reverberated noise.

Lanes prioritises sustainability with a clipping system for easy installation and reuse. Carbon-neutral and featuring at least 60 percent recycled PET, it repurposes plastics that would end up in landfills.

This innovative system exceeds industry standards, boasting an impressive noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of up to 0.85 and a Group 1 fire classification. Lanes is a sustainable alternative to traditional acoustic panels, epitomising Autex Acoustics’ commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing and high-performance products.

Photography by Shannon McGrath