HYDRO™ Surface coatings

GreenTech Cement

Hydro Surface Coatings by Greentech Cement are a revolutionary innovation in the construction industry, setting new standards for sustainability and eco-friendliness. These coatings utilise GTC’s Green Binder, an advanced cementitious binder that reduces CO2 emissions by an impressive 85 percent during production while offering exceptional early strength and performance.

The key features of this product include a significant reduction in water usage during mixing, up to 50 percent less, a remarkable 40 percent decrease in overall CO2 emissions, and an astounding 80 percent reduction in the need for additives compared to conventional products. Additionally, it eliminates the hazardous Chromium VI commonly found in cement.

One of the standout benefits of Hydro Surface Coatings is their versatility, especially evident in the HYDRO Surface S/SE render product range. These coatings can adhere directly to challenging substrates like PVC and steel without the need for extensive preparation, eliminating the use of multiple additional products that can harm the environment.

Photography by GreenTech Cement