Hanson Australia with MARKHAM

ECOTERA with AQURON 2000, a collaborative project between Hanson Australia and Markham, presents a groundbreaking solution in the construction industry. This innovative product consists of two key components: ECOTERA low-carbon concrete and AQURON 2000 concrete hydrogel treatment.

ECOTERA concrete is engineered with a reduced carbon footprint, utilising significantly less cement compared to traditional mixes. Hanson and Markham collaborate to apply Markham’s AQURON 2000 sustainable colloidal silica treatment to all ECOTERA concrete structures. This treatment is spray-applied to the surface and penetrates deep into the concrete, forming a hydrogel that enhances durability and protection.

ECOTERA with AQURON 2000 delivers remarkable benefits, including up to a 30 percent reduction in CO2 emissions compared to high-performance concrete alternatives. It prioritises recycled materials and offers excellent performance characteristics, as well as concrete durability, an inherently sustainable quality. This collaborative product excels in reducing the carbon footprint, outperforming industry standards, and providing a superior alternative to traditional construction materials.

Photography by Brad Fulcher