LocAl Lower Carbon Aluminium

Capral Aluminium

Capral Limited’s LocAl Lower Carbon Aluminium is a groundbreaking solution introduced in November 2022, setting new standards in sustainability for the construction industry. It is now the standard choice for all Capral’s locally extruded proprietary window and door systems.

LocAl Green and LocAl Super Green are at the forefront of reducing carbon emissions compared to the global average for aluminium production, which stands at 16.8kg CO2e/1kg Al. This innovation ensures that Australian building projects can significantly lower their carbon footprint while benefiting from the inherent strength, lightweight nature, and recyclability of aluminium.

Capral exclusively sources LocAl primary aluminium from ASI-certified smelters, adhering to the ASI Chain of Custody protocol, thus ensuring the highest standards of sustainability and ethical sourcing.

This innovative product allows architects to seamlessly integrate lower-carbon aluminium into their projects without extra cost or effort, contributing to the industry’s commitment to reducing embodied carbon in the built environment. Capral’s LocAl aluminium is ASI certified, eligible for Green Star credit points, and offers a greener, more sustainable choice for the construction sector.

Photography by Capral Aluminium