Shannon Battisson

The MILL: Architecture + Design

Shannon Battisson is founding director of the architectural studio THE MILL: ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN. Starting the practice on finishing architectural studies, the studio became a fulltime endeavour when she was joined by business partner, Interior Designer Sarah Welsh in 2011. Over the next ten years, the studio has maintained an architectural ethos of bringing professional design services to projects that would not normally have considered it, with a strong focus on highly bespoke, climate responsive architecture.

With the support of her business partner, Shannon has also pursued her passion for sharing and promoting the value of architecture to the public. Shannon has been heavily involved in the Australian Institute of Architects at the state level, and is the current National President (Elect), having campaigned strongly on a platform of sustainable, affordable architecture for all. Shannon is a polished public speaker, dedicated mentor, and avid architectural photographer, a medium she uses to promote good design and spark public conversation on the built environment. Shannon uses travel as a means to connect with new and diverse cultures and learn from how different regions adapt their building typologies to their climate.

Shannon has completed projects in Australia, Hong Kong, Switzerland and the USA.

Photography by Collections from Him (headshot), PJ Lily (2, 4, 6), Kasey Funnell (3, 5).