Mia Radic

Talina Edwards Architecture

Mia graduated with a Masters of Architecture from Deakin University, Geelong and joined Talina Edwards Architecture in 2017. She grew up in a rammed earth home in a small rural country town in East Gippsland where the importance of environmental, social and economic sustainability were basic elements of the community fabric.

Mia is a Certified Passive House Designer and embraces this scientific, rational and practical side of architecture, as well as the more creative and intuitive path to design. She employs a holistic and collaborative approach and is very interested in how the principles of biophilic and regenerative design can be applied to architectural projects to improve the wellbeing of individuals, families and communities by connecting ourselves, each-other and to nature.

In addition to her work at Talina Edwards Architecture, Mia assisted in publishing ‘Passivhaus in Australia’ which was launched by APHA at the SPPHC 2020. She contributes to community sustainability events and workshops, in both Ballarat and East Gippsland, and is currently reviewing abstracts and content for the SPPHC 2021.

Photography courtesy Mia Radic.