RACQ Training Rooms Refurbishment

Gray Puksand

The goal of the refurbished Training Rooms at the client’s head office was to create a great first impression for all new starters to a long-established company. The design was to include refreshed breakout areas, amenities, and collaboration spaces with a focus on sustainable materials and local manufacturing. A selection of new textures and materials elevated the existing corporate identity as did the new more functional layout. Open entry space and clear travel paths to the training rooms, breakout and collaboration spaces allows multiple training sessions to run seamlessly at the same time. Local lighting and furniture and building materials were sourced from sustainable businesses. The overall result is a classic, clean palette with layers of interest through textural materials on key touch points. It presents a professional yet casual environment ready to welcome all new starters to the business.

The project was a refurbishment of an existing ground floor workspace. To achieve an improvement in overall health and comfort levels we redesigned the layout so all rooms had access to natural light and a view of the surrounding landscape.

Photography by Michael Carrello