100 Melbourne St End of Trip

Gray Puksand

The new design of this End of Trip Facility embraces a combination of light and dark finishes, bringing warmth and sophistication to the space. Simplicity was met with intrigue and unified by quality materials and finishes. Our sustainable choices in materials and finishes seamlessly complement the narrative of leading the design language towards quality, style, and sophistication. Being passionate about supporting our local design community, we engaged Brisbane’s Five Mile Radius’s team; a business offering recycled building materials. Their recycled benchtops formed the hero of the space, being a key design feature which elevates the somewhat mundane experience often associated with end of trip facilities.

Situated in a below ground carpark, a key focus of the refurbishment was centred on improving the overall health and comfort levels of users. This was achieved by emulating daylight through the design of a glass brick ‘window’ feature wall, with a graphical wallpaper depicting green palms and leaves.

Photography by Cieran Murphy Photography