Delatite Cellar Door

Lucy Clemenger Architects

The project is designed to respond to their established core values and be sensitive to place and the natural environment. Our client’s ambition was to achieve the most environmentally responsible built outcome. An integral part of the brief was to respect the earth on which the Cellar door is built. The building is fully self-sustainable, producing more energy than is required from a PV solar array and relying solely on harvested rainwater from the site. All wastewater, sewage, and food waste are treated on the site. Sustainable design principles were employed in the design of the building, including the orientation of spaces, passive heating and cooling, ceiling fans, cross ventilation, sun shading to prevent heat gain, thermal mass to the south and west sides of the building, minimised plasterboard, maximised daylighting, rainwater collection, low VOC painting and local building material specification where possible.

The building was to be designed with consideration for orientation, with strategic location of thermal mass to help keep the building temperatures stable during the year. The building was to be designed to be resilient and adaptable to change. The masterplan was to accommodate areas for marquees for seasonal increase in numbers as well as festivals and events. The whole building was to be accessible for universal access and use and equitable to a whole range of users.

Photography by Derek Swalwell

Furniture: Liqueur table by Didier Diiva, Swivel stool by Grazia & Co, Custom dining blackbutt tables from Hospitality furniture concepts, Rombus Chair from Thonet Ari Up, Chair by Studio Pip from District Outdoor, Tables and chairs from Zaneti. Lighting: Max Harper Corker light from Design Nation, IE Francis Loop pendant from IE Francis, Heide lights from Ambience Lighting, Tile wall light from Lumil, Crescendo pendant from Lumil, Trixie wall light from Mark Douglass. Finishes: Custom blackbutt benchtop, Porta Contour lining, Blackbutt lining, Concrete aggregate, Yubi Gloss tiles from Perini, Aquarelle tiles from Academy, Timbercrete, Colour Champagne, Artisan Bianco Satin from Tiento tiles. Fittings & Fixtures: Haiku Ceiling Fan by Big Ass Fans, Radiante 890 3V from Wignells, Ceramic hand Basin by Lindsey Wherrett, Phoenix tapware.