Caspak Packaging

A1 Office with Quality First Designs

Constructed according to their Sustainable Management Plan (SMP) which ensured an environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) of the building; A1 Office were responsible for ensuring this ethos flowed into the interior design and appliances.

Recycled plastic turned into confetti furniture greets visitors in the foyer; sustainable chairs and tables make for a relaxing breakout area and all furnishings are sustainably sourced.
Given the client’s desire to be self-sufficient in their power consumption, the 335 panel 134kw solar plant on the roof drives the company vehicles, forklifts and extends its power to the energy efficient internal appliances.
Using best practice and being industry leaders in sustainable packaging solutions, it was critical the interiors were innovative and sustainable, and nothing was spared to achieve this green and impressive result.

Photography: Lisa Atkinson