Burwood Brickworks Shopping Centre

NH Architecture with Russell & George and Frasers Property Australia

The centre is vying to achieve Living Building Challenge® (LBC®) certification, the most rigorous sustainability standard in the built environment in the world, administered by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). Globally, just 24 buildings have achieved full LBC® certification, and aside from Burwood Brickworks, no other retail project in the world has aspired to do so.
The result is a building that operates with the simple efficiency and beauty of a flower, as the LBC® demands. It redefines sustainability in retail, a sector synonymous with waste.
However, it delivers on a commercial front. Modelling shows the capital investment in sustainable initiatives will be returned over the lifecycle of the project due to its enhanced asset value, energy and water cost savings, and enhanced performance due to increased customer dwell times and expenditure, compared to a standard retail centre in the same location.
It’s a shopping centre built for the future, and future-proofed for all.