Pocket Passiv

Anderson Architecture

Pocket Passiv, a project by Anderson Architecture, embodies the essence of sustainable living within the tight confines of urban Sydney. This small infill residential studio, nestled in the heart of Glebe, redefines the possibilities of eco-conscious urban living.

With a footprint of just 27 sqm, Pocket Passiv is a testament to efficient use of space. Situated in a historically significant Victorian terrace house enclave, this studio was designed to meet stringent environmental, social, and economic objectives. It proudly adheres to the esteemed Passivhaus Plus Standard, signifying its capability to generate as much energy as it consumes, resulting in net-zero energy usage.

The studio’s distinctive asymmetrical pitched roof not only allows for concealed solar panels but also creates a contemporary and urban presence. Clad in enduring timber shingles, Pocket Passiv gracefully ages over time, becoming a part of Glebe’s rich architectural tapestry.

Despite its compact size, the studio is bathed in natural light, thanks to well-considered architectural elements. It offers a warm and inviting living space with a cosy bedroom and a double-height dramatic bathroom. The studio’s passive solar design, coupled with high insulation levels, ensures year-round comfort while minimising energy consumption.

Photography by Tom Fergusson