Local House

Zen Architects

Local House, a creation by Zen Architects, stands as a testament to modern sustainable living. Nestled within the serene enclave of Victoria’s Mount Eagle Estate, Zen sought to reinterpret the historic surroundings within a contemporary context, while blending the dwelling with the landscaped environment.

The house, designed for a family with a deep appreciation for art, travel, and design, seeks to provide a welcoming haven for their children and grandchildren. The clients, who had previously lived on the site for nearly three decades, desired a dwelling that would not only embrace sustainability but also cater to their evolving needs, including accessibility for ageing in place.

Meeting stringent heritage, landscape, and vegetation protection overlays of Mount Eagle Estate, the house incorporates a carefully planned layout that distinguishes private, public, and guest spaces. This thoughtful design allows the house to expand and contract as family members visit. The tactile and robust material palette, primarily sourced from Victoria, connects the building to its surroundings and ensures longevity with minimal maintenance.

Local House, with its impeccable orientation, thermal mass, and highly insulated structure, offers an 8.3 Star NatHERS rating, showcasing its energy-efficient design. Solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and locally sourced materials underscore its commitment to sustainability. Deep soil landscaping and a managed beehive on-site further enhance its eco-conscious profile.

Photography Derek Swalwell

Furniture: Indoor furniture – Great Dane Furniture. Outdoor furniture – Tait. Lighting: Richmond Lighting Fittings & Fixtures: Sussex Taps