Edgars Creek House

Breathe Architecture

Edgars Creek House is designed to connect to country. It’s about living simply as part of its ecosystem and connecting materially to the ironbark trees and sandstone cliffs it sits between.
This home is about building less, to give more. Building three small pavilions – one for sleeping, one for living, one for bathing – connecting each of those to its own view, its own context, and connecting them to the natural elements through an open-air brise soleil.
Edgars Creek House is about raw honesty. We thought deeply about the life cycle of the building – from construction to deconstruction. Almost no adhesives were used. Every piece of cladding and decking was screwed and bolted together – with the exception of the shower – to allow it to be unscrewed, unbolted and reused at the end of the building’s life.

Photography: Tom Ross