This home in Scarborough presents a new vision of sustainable housing: one that balances affordability and efficiency, and is delight to inhabit all year round. Abbetthaus is the second certified Passive House in WA, and the first to demonstrate that PH- certification can be achieved on a modest budget.
The brief called for the home to be simple, affordable and robust. Taking cues from the site and orientation – and inspired by the desert Modernist style – the design features generous living spaces that open to the outdoors. The plan provides future flexibility, to accommodate a growing family or house-share scenario as needs change.
In contrast to typical Perth housing (built with double-brick skins), this house was constructed using renewable and recyclable timber. With high levels of insulation, air-tight construction and high performance windows, it is comfortable and healthy – without any additional cooling or heating – all year round.

Photography: Jody D’Arcy