Music Room

Alexander Symes Architect

Music-Room is located in the Toxteth Conservation Area in Glebe on Gadigal Land. The home is sited next to the “Sze Yup Temple” where burning of ink printed pray papers creates an unpleasant and unhealthy air quality. The project sits between the intersection of; fitting into this conservation zone; managing the air quality of its neighbour; managing acoustics of music production; being adaptable to be a multigenerational household; a place to “age-in-place”; and also be robust towards future climate scenarios. A large part of the solution to this is targeting “Enerphit Certification” which is the adaptive re-use and renovation methodology of the Passive House Standard. Within these confines ASA proposed to retain the front double brick portion of the building and deconstruct the poorly built single brick extension to the rear and add a 2 story cross laminated timber box.

Photography by Barton Taylor