People Parkers

Alexander Symes with People Parkers

The People Parkers recycled plastic mobile parklet facilitates the rapid, sustainable and considered reimagining of car parking spaces and roadways into temporary outdoor dining quarters. Roadways are public space and this product is a tactical mechanism to temporarily reallocate this space and inform options for long term changes of use.

In 2015 People Parkers was born out of Glebe Point Road Trial Parklet Program which was a case study of how parklets could be used to improve amenity, community and business outcomes along Glebe Point Road. Most parklets are custom and hence expensive or not robust for longevity, are not easily moved to multiple sites and hence the main aim of a tactical intervention is achieved short term, but the total sustainability question is not answered. Hence people parkers started developing a suite of movable, robust, re-usable, designed for disassembly parklet design that were recyclable and made from low environmental impact materials where possible. The aim was to provide a suite of products that could be employed anywhere to demonstrate how a street could be more than a place to park a vehicle which is and will be an essential question as we progress to car-share and shared autonomous vehicles in the future.

Photography by Barton Taylor (1, 2, 3), David Li (4).


Furniture: Replas. Fittings & Fixtures: Pro-Alloy.