Cremorne Duplex

Hebden Architects

The Cremorne Duplex was conceived as a space which would provide a “new-stage-in-life” dwelling for a middle-aged couple, keeping them in-place and connected to the location and amenity they love. Adding to this is a second dwelling, to be used for their adult offspring or alternatively to generate additional rental income.

The project was constructed on a relatively tight site with a retaining wall on the south boundary to the upper ground level. The grounds also had a large native tree to be retained on the west side and water views to the north and east.

In constructing the project, tall banks of automated glass louvres provide ample light and ventilation while numerous large windows on the north-east and west elevations are optimised and shaded to make the most of the natural light. On the home’s south side, windows are of a smaller profile for privacy, however a hi-lite offers increased light and cross ventilation. Living areas on both levels open up to connect to the outdoors, ensuring a high level of biophilic design throughout. Solar panels and below-ground rainwater tanks add to the home’s sustainability credentials.

Photography by Sam Affridi (1), Hebden Architects (2, 3, 4).