William Chan to talk at Sustainability Live 2019

  •   5 November 2019

The third annual Sustainability Live conference will return to The Star, Sydney on November 7 with a series of renowned panellists dissecting this year’s most important industry issues.

With each talk worth one CPD point (totalling six CPD points for the day), a particular highlight will be speakers such as urban innovator, TED speaker, Forbes ’30 Under 30′ member and GreenBiz sustainability leader for 2019, William Chan.

According to Chan, for the panel, he will be talking about “how we can disrupt our traditional understanding of adaptive reuse and heritage buildings. Instead of being reactive to how we reuse buildings, we need to take on a proactive approach towards sustainability from the initial design stage.”

“A circular economy for material values and ‘designing for disassembly’ needs to be embedded in the design process. In addition, I will discuss how a prevalent culture of ‘disposable architecture’ in Australia prevents critical engagement in adaptive reuses,” he says.

Chan will be on the ‘Adaptive Re-Use For A More Sustainable Building Sector’, which starts at 1pm at The Star, Sydney on Thursday, Nov 7.

This panel will look at the adaptive reuse of old buildings as an essential component of sustainable development.

Sustainability Live 2019 will be held from 8.00am – 4.30pm on November 7 at The Star in Sydney.