Sustainability Summit – Session Five

  •   22 October 2021

As we move closer to the 2021 digital Sustainability Summit, it’s time to mark 11th November in your calendar and set aside the day to fully immerse yourself in the latest information on sustainable design and products.

Over five sessions, 30+ sustainability and industry leaders will discuss and debate subjects that will make this year’s Sustainability Summit a day to remember. There is also the opportunity to achieve five CPD Formal points for Australian architects.

In the last and final discussion session in the Sustainability Summit we celebrate the contribution that diversity brings to the sustainability-focused environment. With a range of expert and dynamic speakers this session, Women in Built Environment Sustainability Leadership will uncover the real impact that diversity brings to practice and celebrates excellence on every level.

Moderated by Talina Edwards (Talina Edwards Architecture) the discussion will be far reaching and investigative bringing many perspectives to the fore.

Along with Edwards the panel comprises,
Kathryn Walker (Siniat)
Philippa (Pip) Stone (BlueScope)
Yaara Plaves (Hames Sharley)
Dr Shamila Haddad (School of Built Environment, UNSW)
Kaylie Salvatori (COLA Studio)
And Belqis Youssofzay (Youssofzay and Hart)

Delving into the big issues, Talina Edwards and the panel will explore the many societal and environmental issues that require strong leaders to pioneer and promote change – while at the same time, cultivating a better understanding of urban sustainability.

Whether speaking of emerging or existing leaders, there are opportunities for growth and collaboration with other environmental professionals to maximise the impacts of their endeavours.

Kaylie Salvatori, Director of COLA Studio commented on what might come from the session, ”I am hoping that issues surrounding intersectionality and the need for diversity within the built environment industry will be discussed. Ideally, key takeaways for attendees will be to consider the ways in which our workplaces and institutions can provide culturally safe and attractive career paths for women and people from intersectional backgrounds.” she says. “We all have a stake in sustainability however, I think in general, women tend to be socialised to be more altruistic, community oriented and future focused. These qualities undoubtedly strengthen our quest for best practice and signal the importance that we have seats at the table in sustainability discussions.”

While Belqis Youssofzay of Youssofzay and Hart responded that the session will hopefully explore, “A more nuanced understanding of sustainability both as a term and as a practice within the contemporary global context. And hopefully a more in-depth understanding of the implications and responsibilities associated with practicing architecture in the age of climate change.”

Youssofzay also added, “Discussions around sustainability need to diversify to challenge the status-quo in places where decisions are made. The inclusion of not only women, but First Nation communities and others from diverse cultural backgrounds can help appraise established thinking and practices that impact upon the environment, communities, landscape and natural resources.”

The panel represents some of the most accomplished leaders in the sustainability field who will explain the current climate of the industry and plant the seeds to help the next generation achieve a much more diverse and sustainable future.

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