Sustainability Certifications & Compliance – Why This Means Everything for Your Business

  •   5 October 2023

Sustainability certifications are the subject of many news articles carried out by this masthead from time to time. It serves to benefit built environment professionals and their companies in regards to prestige and future projects, but how significant are they really?

The 2023 Sustainability Summit will see several design luminaries and enthusiasts descend upon Allianz Stadium. One session, titled Sustainability Certifications & Compliance – Why This Means Everything For Your Business, will focus upon explaining the significance of sustainability certifications and compliance within the business sphere.

2022 Sustainability Summit


Fundamentally, sustainability embodies the core objectives of minimising the consumption of non-renewable resources, reducing waste, and fostering the creation of healthy and productive environments.

The building and construction industry, a significant player in shaping sustainable practices, has witnessed a surge in the number of sustainability certifications over time, a trend anticipated to continue. This session seeks to shed light on these certifications and delve into their crucial role in enhancing sustainability within businesses.

At the heart of the discussion is a comparative analysis of commonly employed sustainability standards and certifications. This analysis aims to elucidate the environmental concepts encompassed by these standards, ultimately guiding businesses on optimal strategies for integrating these principles within the built environment.

Guiding this enlightening session is the proficient moderator, David Baggs, representing Global GreenTag. He leads a distinguished panel of experts, including Josh Begbie from GECA. Additionally, the panel boasts esteemed partners: Trevor Innes from NeXTimber, Joel Williamson from GH Commercial, and Anthony Adamo from Verosol.

David Baggs


Josh Begbie


Trevor Innes


Joel Williamson


Anthony Adamo


Their collective expertise promises a comprehensive exploration of how sustainability certifications and compliance can be the cornerstone of a business’s success, driving responsible practices, enhancing environmental impact, and contributing to a more sustainable future.

With sustainability becoming an ever more crucial aspect of modern business ethos, understanding, and embracing sustainability certifications is not just an option but a necessity. This session unravels the depth and breadth of these certifications, underlining their pivotal role in shaping the business landscape towards a more sustainable and responsible direction.

The 17th annual Sustainability Summit will be held on Thursday November 9 as a hybrid event. Join in person at Allianz Stadium, Sydney, or online wherever you have an internet connection. Get your ticket now and be in with the chance of winning from our sustainable prize pool on the day.

The Sustainability Summit and Awards are proudly presented by Best of the Best and Carbon Neutral Partner Autex Acoustics, and category partners Billi, BlueScope, Bondor Metecno, DECO, Electrolux, ForestOne, GH Commercial, Holcim, Interface, Knauf, Network Architectural, NeXTimber by Timberlink, Sika, Siniat, Stormtech, Verosol and WoodSolutions